Absolutely one of a kind, custom hand painted, fully restored, and functional typewriters. A unique collaboration and partnership with @oldschooltypewriters Brendan Raftery. Taking vintage typewriters apart and restoring them back to full working order is one of Brendan’s passions. With a large collection of machines and extensive knowledge of how they function I am very fortunate to be able to work with him on these incredibly unique one of a kind functional art pieces.
We’ve known each other for a number of years, but only recently decided to attempt a custom machine. The Harry Potter 1959 Consul 1511 machine. The day we completed it and placed the custom painted body on the restored engine we knew we had created something pretty unique and special. Flash forward and we have created a number of really interesting and collectible functional pieces of art that we are very excited and proud of.

As we have developed more skill in creating the custom machines we have sourced high quality clear coat spraying, different developments of paint application and types of paint. We like to ensure many years of happy and inspired typing. Happy to work with you on a unique gift or project. Get in touch with Dave to discuss all the options available for your vision.