Harry Potter

Harry Potter typewriter.  This was the machine that started it all!

Our first collaboration and finished machine. 1959 Consul 1511 Speedwriter, custom hand painted and fully restored.

We decided on a Harry Potter theme as an inspiration to young writers.  Huge learning curve painting on all the different curves and surfaces, but when it was complete.. We knew this was something pretty unique and very special.

The 1959 Consul 1511 is a great vintage typewriter and a really beautiful shape.  The size and shapes of the paintable areas were really great and allowed for 7 portraits and a quote.  Also a full painting of Hogwarts along the front of the ribbon cover.  I added the small boats of students sailing across to Hogwarts on the space in front of the space bar.  This gives a great illusion as you lower your viewpoint and see the whole imagery come together.

As far as characters to depict, of course the main 3 children, Harry, Ron and Hermione.  Also I wanted to include Alan Rickman and Robbie Coltrane, so they appear with Dumbledore and he who shall not be named.  The keys on the machine are dark green and although they could have been changed we decided to keep the colour and incorporate the dark green into the design which I think worked really well in the end.  That is always a big decision in the planning process to keep the keys part of the overall design colour because with the vintage machines it is sometimes difficult to source appropriate colour and style.

We also wanted to add a quote which is something we do on a lot of machines and in this case “I had an old typewriter and a big idea” quoted by J K Rowling worked absolutely perfectly!

Reach out and contact me for more information and how you can go about ordering your own custom hand painted Harry Potter typewriter.