Dave Benning

– Vancouver based artist specializing in portrait work in acrylic and oil.

Thanks for dropping by.  My name is Dave Benning and I am an artist from Vancouver, Canada.  I specialize in portrait work in acrylic and oil.

Over the years in my art career I have had the great fortune to have painted and met many famous faces.  Academy Award winners, Grammy Award winners, and Sports Hall of Fame athletes.

More recently, I have expanded my skill set and through learning new techniques and experimenting on different surfaces.  This has given me the tools needed to be able to create absolutely unique one of a kind art pieces.  From large scale canvases, canvas prints, paper prints, small oil originals, to custom painted shoes, stash boxes, and typewriters!

One of the things I have always personally enjoyed are custom collectibles.  I realize the value and excitement of seeing, touching and owning something that no one else on earth has.   The beauty of custom art are the options to create your vision exactly how you want it.  Things that are as unique as you, or the person you are buying for.

I have created special occasion pieces, milestone gifts, ultimate fan customs, heirloom pieces and memorial tributes that celebrate, commemorate and immortalize.

30 years of painting experience, I’m happy to work with you and answer any questions you may have.  Together we can collaborate your vision with my art and create an absolute one of a kind.

Every original piece leaves the studio with a certificate of authenticity, hand signed and documented. Worldwide shipping is available.

Enjoy viewing the work.

Dave Benning
Dave Benning