Terry Fox

Terry Fox custom hand painted typewriter created as a tribute to the 1980 Marathon of Hope and Terry Fox’s legacy.

Extremely proud to have been given the opportunity to create this machine for the Fox Family.

Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope in 1980 was an event that would have a lasting legacy globally.  Terry decided he was going to run across Canada and raise awareness to find a cure for cancer.  His goal was to raise a dollar from every Canadian, a goal he accomplished before he passed in June 1981.  Terry is a part of the fabric of Canada and a hero to every Canadian.

The typewriter is a 1958 (the year Terry was born) Smith Corona that was made in Canada.  We received it from a gentleman named Derrick Hill who was a friend of Fox and involved in the Marathon of Hope.

The artwork was all referenced from original photos for historical accuracy and the figuring out of placement was challenging but rewarding when the final piece was reassembled.

Through the process and project we had incredible opportunities to meet with Derrick, Bill Vigars who was instrumental in the PR for the run and took the run to the next level with awareness through media and celebrity involvement, and Darrell Fox, Terry’s brother, who traveled with him and Doug Alward for the run in the Econoline Ford.  Meeting with these guys who were actually there and hearing personal stories about the time they all spent together was so amazing and very special.

The Terry Fox typewriter has now become part of the permanent Fox family collection and the family are in the process of looking at options for a permanent display of this special project.

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