Stranger Things

Stranger Things Typewriter.  Another Netflix inspired machine.  Both Brendan and myself are big fans of the show.  This 1960 Olympia SM4 custom hand painted and fully restored machine depicts 17 characters from Season 4.  I had just finished watching and didn’t want to leave anyone out!

This machine has also been personally autographed by cast members Finn Wolfhard,  Joseph Quinn and Jamie Campbell Bower.

What a great show!  Myself and family  have been really enjoying the whole series so far, and personally I thought season 4 was my favorite.  Big shout out to the Duffer brothers for their amazing throwback to the 80’s which also was a huge reason I loved the show.  The simplicity of the technology was something that really resonated with me and memories of my own childhood.  CB radio, BMX bikes and parents letting you head out in the morning with your pals and returning when the street lights came on. This was my childhood!!

Taking the machine in 2022 to Toronto for Fanexpo was really great.  My day started with the machine going through the x-ray check at YVR and of course getting pulled aside.  The security got a real kick out of seeing a custom painted Stranger Things typewriter being pulled out of my hand luggage.  Makes a change from the standard laptop!

Taking the machine in and showing it to Finn Wolfhard, and Jamie Campbell Bower was so great!  After hours of signing 8 x 10’s and standard memorabilia I placed the machine on the table in front of them and they were blown away!  Great reaction from both including a few F bombs!  Joseph Quinn also signed the machine but his handlers rushed it through unfortunately.

Such a great machine that encapsulates the show and makes it an absolute one of a kind piece of Stranger Things memorabilia.  This machine is available for the discerning collector.