Star Trek TV Series

Star Trek original TV series typewriter.  Live Long and keep typing!  This is our only electric machine that we have done.  The 1960 IBM Selectric custom hand painted machine depicts a tribute to the original 1966 TV series by Gene Roddenberry who is quoted on the machine.  All the crew are there from  Dr Spock to Mr Chekov, and the Starship Enterprise.

We had the pleasure of meeting William Shatner at Vancouver Fanexpo and had him sign the typewriter!  It was a really cool experience to meet such a legend of the Star Trek universe, the original Captain Kirk himself and big bonus, he’s Canadian!  It was funny that as soon as he saw it he instantly exclaimed “Wow! A Selectric!”  obviously no stranger to typewriters, he got a real kick out of seeing our machine which was great for us.  Its pretty incredible that he inked a nice clear bold signature right across the front of the machine which makes this particular machine extremely unique and valuable.  He had just recently returned from outer space in his ride with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, so this made it even more fun that the captain had actually just returned to Earth!!

We love the throwback to analog times and the novelty of a futuristic theme painted on a 1960 piece of machinery.  Growing up watching the show and seeing all of the technology that seemed so impossible is now just a standard today with the smart phone and things like face time and video chat.  Who knew we would get to the point in our lifetime where we have all the technology we need in our back pocket.

This unique piece of art and Star Trek memorabilia is available for purchase to the discerning collector who thought they might have it all.. well this is something new.. a Star Trek original TV series typewriter!