Stash Boxes

Really pleased to offer these wooden Bamboo stash boxes. Great for storing a wide array of items such as jewelry, candies, edibles, flower, pre rolls, papers, lighters and grinder.  The box will lock in aromas and preserve freshness.  Also included a small rolling tray and roller, and a deodorizing glass jar to keep contents perfectly dry. These are 7.5” x “8 x 3” high and are handcrafted quality wood with an easy closing lid and small lock.

The custom original artwork is hand painted on quality canvas and sealed onto the lid. Then the lid is resin coated giving a very smooth, crystal clear, shiny resin poured finish. The resin pour really adds a quality finish that enhances the colors and will protect for a lifetime.

There are some available here online, but the beauty of this custom is:

  • YOU decide what  YOU want on YOUR custom stash box.
  • A gift for the ultimate fan, a memorial piece, your favorite band, sports team, player or artist.  The options are limitless!

Don’t see one here that you like? Get in touch and let’s create something absolutely unique and one of a kind.

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