Fanexpo Vancouver was an absolute blast!  Brendan @oldschooltypewriters and myself were exhibiting our latest custom hand painted fully restored typewriters and enjoying all the fun and excitement of the Expo!

This was our second fan expo and we had such a great 3 days interacting with all the incredible people who were at the event.  It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

Last year we had our 1960 IBM Selectric Star Trek machine signed by Captain Kirk himself, actor William Shatner and this year we were very proud to unveil and show our 2 latest machines, 1952 and 1955 Olivetti’s custom hand painted in Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back themes.  Extremely excited that they were both signed by C3P0 actor Anthony Daniels.

Our display definitely caught the nostalgic eye of many of the parents and older fans passing through, but also a lot of young fans, some of whom have never experienced typing on a machine, and we though that was pretty cool to see a new generation embrace the novelty and uniqueness of using a typewriter.

Keeping with a fan expo theme, we also displayed more machines like our 1959 Harry Potter machine, a 1965 Stranger Things season 4 machine, a 1950 Adam Project and a 1965 Mario Puzo Godfather movie machine.  You can see these machines on my site.

Just recently there has been a resurgence in all things analog and we have some really great new machines coming up so thanks for following along!

feel free to contact for any info on the machines or how to get started on your own custom vintage machine.