Terry Fox typewriter takeover.

Pleased to announce an upcoming event on Sunday April 30th from 12 noon to 2pm at Brave Brewing Co   At this event myself and Oldschool Typewriters  will be displaying our custom hand painted typewriters.

The event has a theme.. Bravery.  Being held at Brave Brewing Co, the event will be built around our Terry Fox, Marathon of Hope tribute typewriter.  We will have the actual machine there on display for people to see and enjoy.  We will have a dozen machines available on tables for the public to enjoy and type a message to or about someone brave in their lives.. Or people can write their own “Dear Terry” note.

Terry used a typewriter to introduce his goal and ask for sponsorship and support from major companies and societies via letter writing and mail.  The typewriter is a tribute to how challenging fundraising and sharing of information was in 1979, yet how successful the campaign became due to the power of the human spirit.

We will also be taking donations for The Terry Fox Foundation .  We will be supplying typing paper, envelopes and stamps if needed, so come on over and let’s go analog!!

Other machines will also be on display including the Star Wars machines, Stranger Things, The Adam Project, and The Godfather among others.

Donations to The Terry Fox Foundation can be made here  DONATE

For more information about the process and story of this typewriter click here

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We look forward to seeing you all at the event!  Family and pets welcome.  Come on down and enjoy a beer, an art show of custom machines, food trucks all while supporting an incredibly great cause!

typewriter takeover

Typewriter Takeover

Terry Fox Typewriter

Terry Fox Typewriter